RSS Feeds as timesavers

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) (delivers frequently-updated content on the web) and feed readers (viewing all of your RSS feeds in one location) can be a great time saver.

How many of us find a great web site, that can provide ongoing information for our professional or personal lives or development but have a problem finding the time to go back to all those sites, if we remember them, and browsing through them to see what’s relevant to us?

If you have a reader, and add the RSS for the site, you can quickly, at a glance, see the recent items from that site. That allows me to view anything of critical value to me immediately, to note something I may want to look at later, or just say “nothing of interest today/this week.”

We are overwhelmed with so much information today, an RSS feeder can make it just a little more manageable.

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Technology is a tool

Technology is merely a tool we use.  It shouldn’t be the driving force.  That said, we need to understand it and use to the fullest and to our best advantage.

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Blogs can be an opportunity

Blogs can be an opportunity to share what “we” consider news, from our perspective for ongoing, “informal” learning.

They can be used in learning to provide questions for the participants to respond to and discuss, to give directions for assignment and allowing questions or comments to those directions.

The disadvantage of a blog is that it’s purpose and credibility must be clearly stated.  Is it opinion? fact? direction? policy?

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